Bookings and helpdesk, united!

Manage your school's bookings and support issues, without learning to juggle.

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A marriage for your convenience

Kahu brings resource booking and issue tracking together under one roof. By giving teaching and support staff up-to-date information on bookings and potential issues, Kahu helps schools get the most out of their staff and resources.

Designed for schools

Kahu is the perfect fit for education. It combines school-specific features like timetables with an understanding that, in smaller schools, one person is often responsible for supporting multiple workflows.

Book by period, not time (unless you want to)!

Kahu arranges bookings around periods and timetables, so teachers can make bookings using familiar terminology. Of course, you can still book by time if you wish - ideal for staff meetings and lettings.

No more duplicate bookings

Kahu lets users share booking information and take control of their own bookings. However, because timetables are precious, double-bookings are impossible - there's no way two classes can arrive in the same place, expecting to use the same equipment.

Let's talk about our problems

Kahu provides a single channel for resource issues, allowing staff to raise issues and support staff to manage them. Moreover, support staff and users can discuss issues on Kahu, helping them diagnose and resolve the problems quickly.

Get notified when things go wrong

Issue tracking is not just for support staff: Kahu proactively notifies users when their bookings may be affected, helping everyone to stay abreast of potential issues and plan accordingly.